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We have stepped out of the era of barbarism, to a high degree of development of science and technology, civilization and rising era, but the corresponding to the numerous headaches. We live in more than two hundred countries in the world, big and small, strong and weak. Each country has a different social and family problems, these large and small family problems will form a national problem. Each country is not the most important defense, the most important is the next generation of training, how to develop an excellent next generation is the most important point of each family and country.
Since the Westernization Movement, China has actively studied Western cultural ideas and Western technology, and the Qing government also sent overseas students to study abroad. Since the founding of new China to reform and opening up, China's growing number of family students. Many parents are able to send their children abroad, no ability to Zaguomaitie also not in the minority. Chinese-style education in the minds of students has become a street mouse. Whether schools or parents to score to give students put on a circle, but to know that this is not the monkey to the Monkey King's protection circle, but to this to determine the students after the act as a method as a label. Why the Western education model will attract the attention of the people it? Nothing more than because of foreign education model more emphasis on the students hands-on ability and thinking ability, and different from the domestic education model is too rigid, leading to more and more afraid of domestic students test.

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